General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions


1.1. Vendor – Limited liability company VALDEX OOD, registered at the Trade Register at the Registry Agency under UIC: 121173234, seat and registered address in the city ofSofia, 1 Druzhba RC, 12 Asen Yordanov Blvd,

1.2. Customer/s/ – natural persons and legal entities who wish to purchase Products online through the websites or Customers may be natural persons of legal age and mental capacity as well as legal entities represented by their legal representatives or dully authorized agents.

1.3. Products– printed items announced for sale in the Online store or items with technical specifications defined by the Customer following an inquiry made through the Online store.

1.4. Online store or and (store for selling the Products on the Internet by placing an order and paying the respective price by the Customers). Stores are developed and maintained by the Vendor.

1.5. General Terms and Conditions– these General Terms and Conditions published on the Online store of the Vendor govern the rights and obligations of the users and visitors of the websites or . Any action of the visitors of the websites and constitutes an electronic declaration that they do agree with and accept entirely and unconditionally these General Terms and Conditions.

1.6. Customer’s General Terms and Conditions – terms and conditions presented by the Customer which are different than, additional to, or contravene the Vendor’s General Terms and Conditions. These shall not apply to the placement of an order through the Online store and Vendor’s General Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to apply exclusively.

1.7. Electronic commerce supervisory bodies:

1.7.1. Commission for Personal Data Protection

Address: city of Sofia,

15 Ivan Evstatiev Geshov Str.,

tel.:(02) 940 20 46

fax:(02) 940 36 40,


1.7.2. Commission for Consumer Protection

Address: 1000

City of Sofia, 4A Slaveykov Sq., floors 3, 4 and 6,

tel..:02 / 980 25 24

fax:02 / 988 42 18

hotline:0700 111 22


2.1. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions

By opening the sites and visitors accept fully and unconditionally the General Terms and Conditions together with the rules on the use of the aforementioned internet pages.

2.2. Copyright protection

2.2.1. The entire content of the sites and , including all published texts, graphics, photos, video materials, articlessoftware code, the software maintaining the operation of these sites are copyright-protected. Such copyrights are held by the Vendor or the third parties owners of the respective copyright and are subject to protection under the Law on Copyright and Neighboring Rights. Any copying or use thereof constitutes a serious violation of author's rights and the mandatory provisions of the Bulgarian legislation.

2.2.2. The Customer may not copy, retain, process, publish, distribute either in original or modified form, nor use in any other way whatsoever texts, graphics or other portions of the content of the sites and

2.2.3. Where Vendor's or third party’s copyrights have been infringed, the Vendor may immediately terminate Customer's registration in the Online store without any notification or advance notice and may seek indemnification for all damages or loss of profit suffered.

2.2.4. The trademarks and as well as domains with the same name are owned by the Vendor. Use of these trademarks, domains or names without the express written permission by the Vendor is prohibited and punishable by law.

2.3. Personal data protection

2.3.1. The Vendor is a personal data controller registered under the Personal Data Protection Act. The Vendor undertakes to exercise care to protect the personal data as well as not to distribute, sell or provide Customers' personal data to third parties except where this is required for the operation of the Vendor or is being requested by a competent authority subject to legal provisions.

2.3.2. By filling in the personal data, the Customer acknowledges that such data have been provided voluntarily and that the Customer gives an express consent for such data to be collected, processed, stored and provided in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation and where this is needed for the provision of the offered services, for accounting purposes, for the purpose of contacting the Customer and for sending notifications about the services provided by the Vendor.

2.3.3. Upon filling in the data, the Customer undertakes to provide complete and accurate information about Customer’s identity as well as about other required data. Where the Customer has provided incorrect or incomplete data, the Vendor shall not be liable for failure to meet the obligations undertaken by the latter.

2.3.4. The Customer is solely responsible for filling in someone else’s data.


3.1. Order placement process

3.1.1. Mandatory registration – To place an order for a Product in the Online store, the Customer must register in the sites and by providing all the personal data required. Registration may be denied in case the Customer has submitted incomplete or inaccurate information.

3.1.2. Products announced for sale- the Vendor announces for sale in the Online store Products which are to be produced according to precise technical specifications. After registration, the Customer selects a Product announced in the Online store by adding it to the Customer's order. After having sent its files for printing according to the procedure indicated in the Online store and following the completion of the order form, the Customer selects a delivery method and pays the order.

3.1.3. Customer-specified Products – the Customer has the option to make and inquiry about the production of Products not announced in the Online store by using the INQUIRY menu on the home page of the sites and .The Vendor shall send the Customer a quotation for the production of the Product as well as a link through which the Customer will be able to place the order with the Online store by following the steps described in Art.3.1.2.

3.1.4. No printing orders shall be accepted for Products whose content is illegal, racist, xenophobic, immoral, extremist, etc.

3.2. Printing files of the Customer

3.2.1. The Customer shall submit files for the printing of the Product ordered in the Online store. Printing files submitted by the Customer shall comply with Vendor’s requirements in terms of format and quality necessary for printing.

3.2.2. Where printing files do not meet the quality required for printing, the Vendor shall inform the Customer and offer reprocessing of the files. If the Customer refuses such reprocessing, the printing shall be performed with the quality which the files allow for. In such case the Vendor shall not be liable for the printing quality.

3.2.3. The Vendor reserves the right to refuse to fulfill an order if the quality of the files submitted by the Customer is inadequate.

3.3. Printing files produced by the Vendor

When the Vendor is assigned to do a design work and produce files for printing, the Vendor shall send them for comments and approval by the Customer. Products shall be printed only upon acceptance and approval of the printing files.

3.4. Technical parameters of the Products

3.4.1. Technical parameters of Products shall be specified in advanced by the Customer. Technical parameters include, but are not limited to: paper weight and type; print type; chromaticity face/back; printing; size; varnishing; embossing; hot foil printing, etc. For more complex items, the Customer shall submit or send to the Vendor printing samples or mockups of the finished product, etc.

3.4.2. The Customer shall submit the Products according to the requirements and instructions of the Vendor. Any incorrectly specified and/or unspecified parameter in the Customer’s order shall be deemed correctly implemented by the Vendor, and any subsequent changes or corrections shall be at Customer’s expense.

3.5. Contract printing

3.5.1. The contract assigning the order for the Product shall be deemed entered into between the Vendor and the Customer after the Customer has confirmed the order placed in the Online store.

3.5.2. The Vendor shall save the text of the order and send a confirmation email to the Customer. The Customer can check the details of all its orders and invoices using its registration in the Online store. These General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the concluded contract.

3.6. Price

Prices in the Online store are inclusive of VAT. Shipping charge is added depending on the delivery location and is also inclusive of VAT.

3.7. Payment

3.7.1. The Customer shall pay the price upon ordering a Product from the Online store. Payment shall be made via bank wire transfer, transfer with SOFORT banking or cash on delivery. The cash on delivery option is only available for delivers with courier services on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

3.7.2. Turnaround times start to run the moment the payment is received in the Vendor’s bank account. Exception to this are CODs on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria for which turnaround times commence upon the receipt of the order.

3.7.3. Where payment by the Customer has not been received within3 (three) days, the Vendor waives any obligations in connection with the fulfillment of the order and compliance with the initially announced terms for the delivery of Products.

3.8. Invoicing

3.8.1. The Vendor shall issue an invoice within5 (five) business days following receipt of payment. The invoice shall be submitted/send together with the Product.

3.8.2. The Vendor is a VATA-registered entity on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and charges VAT on its invoices.

3.8.3. Where the Customer is an entity registered under VATA in an EU country, outside the Republic of Bulgaria, the transaction is considered an“intra-Community acquisition” and is subject to zero VAT rate.

3.8.4. For orders invoiced to third parties, irrespective whether made directly by such third parties or placed by another Customer on behalf of them, Customer and recipient shall be jointly considered Customers and a party to the order contract.

3.9. Delivery

3.9.1. Customer shall specify an address for the delivery of the Products purchased and shall indicate whether the delivery is to be express or regular. The Vendor shall select a forwarder depending on the type of delivery requested and consignment type. “Forwarder” shall mean any entity which, pursuant to a forwarding contract, undertakes to carry out or organize the transportation of the Products by railway, road, air, sea or inland waterway transport or by a combination of these modes of transport.

3.9.2. The transfer of risks from the Vendor to the Customer shall take place at the moment of transferring the Product to the forwarder.In that sense, the Customer assumes all risks of losses and shortages or damages of the Products as well as any other costs following the transfer of the Products to the forwarder.

3.10. Terms

3.10.1. The delivery term for a Product starts to run the moment the payment has been received to the bank account of the Vendor(Art. 3.7.2. of the General Terms and Conditions).

3.10.2. Where no delivery terms have been specified in the Online store, these shall be communicated in an order confirmation email by the Vendor.

3.10.3. Term types are production and shipping terms. Production terms depend directly on the Vendor and Vendor is solely responsible for them. Production terms may not exceed 30 (thirty) days following the receipt of payment. Shipping(transport) terms for the Products depend on the respective forwarder and the Vendor shall not be liable for any delay or failure of the forwarder to meet its obligations.

3.10.4. Deliver terms are subject to extension due to objective reasons of a force majeure nature arising from unforeseeable events or factors, outside Vendor’s will and unavoidable such as, but not limited to: acts of God, industrial accidents, fires, epidemics, government bans, civil unrest, strikes, riots and any type of commotion, terrorist or military acts, etc.

3.11. Consumer protection

3.11.1. The Consumer Protection Act allows the consumer, without owing indemnity or penalty, or explanation, to cancel the concluded contract within 7 (seven) days business days following the receipt of the goods.

3.11.2. Where the Vendor has failed to fulfill its obligations to provide information as laid down in Art. 54 of the Consumer Protection Act, the consumer may cancel the concluded contract within three months following the receipt date of the goods.

3.11.3. Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Act, where the consumer exercises its right of cancellation, the supplier shall refund the total amount paid by the consumer within30 days from the date on which the consumer exercised its right to cancel the concluded contract.

3.11.4. Right of cancellation as provided for in Art.3.11.1. and Art. 3.11.3 of these General Terms and Conditions does not apply to goods produced according to customer’s requirements or customer’s individual orders. Products sold in the Online store of the Vendor fall within that category as each individual order requires the purchasing of a specific type of paper, ink and other consumables which are inputs in the production of the final Product. Products bear the identification markings of the Customer which renders then unsellable to third parties.

3.12. Claims

3.12.1. The Customer shall give notice in writing of any quality issue(by sending an email at: to the Vendor within7 (seven) days from the receipt of the Product. Such notice must include a detailed description of the quality issue, quantity of affected Products, photographic evidence, order and invoice number and contact details.

3.12.2. The Vendor shall have7 (seven) days to define more precisely the nature of the claim and offer solution to the Customer.

4. Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions may be amended unilaterally at any time and without the Vendor having to give an advance notice. Use of the Online store or any part of the sites after the amendment date is deemed to be an acceptance of the updated or amended terms and conditions which enter into effect upon their publication on the sites.

5. Severability

Where any of the clauses of these General Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid, this invalidity shall not entail invalidity of the General Terms and Conditions in their entirety. The invalid clause shall be automatically replaced by the imperative provisions of the law or customary practice and the Customer shall continue to be bound by the General Terms and Conditions.

6. Applicable law

The Bulgarian legislation in force shall apply to all matters not covered by these General Terms and Conditions.

7. Dispute resolution

7.1. The parties agree that any disputes in relation to the fulfillment of obligations and exercise of their rights on the use of the sites and placement of orders through the Online store shall be resolved amicably, through direct negotiations and voluntary arrangements.

7.2. Where the parties fail to reach voluntary settlement of their dispute, it shall be referred to the competent judicial bodies in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, according to the provisions of the applicable Bulgarian procedural law.